Learning to fly radio controlled airplanes and helicopters is a challenging and rewarding experience.  It is best accomplished with the assistance of a sanctioned instructor.  RC-Aviators has RC instructors to assist you to accomplish this exciting task.  Yes, there are RC computer simulators and they are an excellent tool for the learning process.  We encourage new and experienced pilots to have one.  Many studies have proven new pilots will learn faster with a simulator but are not likely to be successful in the early stages without an instructor.  We use a buddy box system on an airplane set up for those important first flights. The simulator will not replace an experienced instructor standing beside you.  You will be glad when your toes are digging into the ground and your memory goes blank as your new plane is heading towards the ground at speeds you never thought possible.

RC-Aviators participates in the AMA introductory pilot program.  This program enables a sanctioned instructor to provide introductory flight lessons and you will be covered by liability insurance if you complete a simple form.  The program last for 60 days beginning with your first lesson.  Be sure to ask about this program and get started today.  If you are a member of AMA you are already covered by the important liability insurance program.

Save yourself a lot of money and repair time with the assistance of an experienced instructor standing next to you. We only ask as we invest our time assisting you that you invest your time joining RC-Aviators.

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